My name is Liz and I come from a family of animal lovers.  I had a clear fascination with animals from an early age.  I spent half of my childhood in Lytham St. Annes, England. I lived in the countryside and was obsessed with farm animals and horse riding.

I believe that my natural ability to understand animals comes from my years in England. Working with larger animals teaches you to read animal body language/ energy and respect their needs.  A must if you want to communicate in the animal world.

I have always worked with dogs. In 2011 I made it official and became a certified dog trainer through the K9 University.

I truly believe my purpose in life is to help others understand their furry companions.  To create communication avenues between humans and animals. To bring peace and serenity into their homes.

Liz's Dog Training

Liz's Dog Training

Meet the Trainer


Happy dogs are well trained dogs

Liz saved not just our new puppy Sadie, but our whole family!! From potty training to agility to every other behavior - we have peace at home thanks to Liz. She cares with her whole heart and reminds us of what to do with Sadie and why - she makes us feel at ease as we tend to complicate everything. Simply put, we love Liz and feel extremely blessed that we found her! - Jen S.